Ecem Oztuna Sari

Specialist Psychologist

In 2012, Ecem Öztuna Sarı completed her Bachelor’s degree in the Department of Psychology at Beykent University with a scholarship, and one year of her education at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, where she went with the Erasmus Program. During her Bachelor’s, she worked as an intern at Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital and a unique education consultancy centre and volunteered at Bahçelievler Child Welfare Agency.

After she completed her Bachelor’s, she worked as a psychologist in private kindergartens, where she gave counselling to parents and followed the development processes of children. After her two years of work experience and completing the Pedagogical Formation Program at Istanbul University, she moved to England and completed her Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology (MSc) at the University of Kent in Canterbury in 2015 and started working in a private child-adolescent psychiatry clinic in Izmir, Turkey. Between 2017-2021, she worked with children and adolescents within the body of Istanbul DO Education and Rehabilitation Center, of which she was a founding partner. Since she moved to England in 2021, she has been working online.

She mainly works with ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder), learning difficulties, anxiety-fear-related problems, self-confidence problems, and attachment problems, which are generally seen in childhood-adolescence. In addition, she works with parent-infant relationships and secure attachment processes during and after pregnancy.

Besides that, after completing the Healthy Sexuality Education with Children aged 9-12 Training, held in cooperation with Psychology Istanbul and Culture Reframed, she became a Culture Reframed Cultural Ambassador. Since then, she has supported families on this issue and all other parenting issues by giving online and face-to-face seminars.

Her therapeutic approaches include Theraplay Play Therapy, Attachment-Focused Family Therapy, EMDR, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

She applies Moxo Attention Test, WISC-R, WISC-4, MMPI, GISD-B, CAT, AGTE, Stroop Test, Bender Gestalt, and Metropolitan School Readiness Test.

Ecem Oztuna Sari