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Finsbury Therapy Hub

Quality Services in One Place

Finsbury Therapy Hub is a UK-based non-profit organistaion operating in the fields of mental health (clinical), academic and  social sciences.

Our Hackney clinic provides a personalised, therapeutic experience. Our goal is to give you with a one-of-a-kind therapy experience from the minute you contact us.

Please call your GP or 999 in an emergency.

Our Services

Oyuncak Trenle Oynamak

Children, Adolescent and Adult Therapy

Destekleyici Bir Kucaklama

Group Therapy

Evde aile

Family Therapy

Ofiste Tek Başına

Online Therapy

Çift Terapisi

Couples Therapy

Tanışma Toplantısı

Voluntary Work

Çevrimiçi danışmanlık

Low Cost Therapy

Yerde Ders Çalışmak



Why Finsbury Therapy Hub?

Finsbury Therapy Hub aims to make mental health service access and quality for everyone with its projects since 2015. During this process, we work with a doctor, psychologist, ergo therapist, family therapist, special education teachers and language speech therapists.​, with its project, provides online and face-to-face therapy support in the UK with more than +1325 therapy sessions. 

In addition to serving consultants, Finsbury Therapy Hub continues to support its colleagues with an office it has opened in Hackney. We continue to make a difference in our field with the support of passionate experts.

Qualified Specialists

Take support with specialists whose specialties are documented, whose experience has been established.

As experts in the field of clinical psychology, we provide confidential and good-quality mental health support for our clients. Start your journey in therapy rooms where you can feel comfortable and safe.



Help raise vital funds so we can continue our mission to create a world where no young person feels alone with their mental health.

Your donations will help to fund vital work

Help people with mental health problems and their families rebuild their lives.

Finsbury Therapy Hub needs your help.  Due to the ongoing economical problems in the country, the financial resources provided to voluntary organizations like us have been cut off completely or are gradually decreasing in recent years, so we need your help for the continuation of our services and projects. Your donations to Finsbury Therapy Hub are very important for the continuation of the services we already offer to the segments of our communities in need and for us to respond to new needs with new projects.

Please donate today and help more people and their loved ones get the support they desperately need.

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