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About Us

Finsbury Therapy Hub is a UK-based

a non-profit company operating in the fields of mental health (clinical), academic and

social sciences.

Finsbury Therapy Hub offers online or in person therapy in 5 different languages:

Turkish, Kurdish, Farsi, Azeri or English

Realize, solve and manage
psychological issues with
Finsbury Therapy Hub.


Why Us?

We offer online or face-to-face therapy at our Finsbury Clinic in Turkish, Kurdish, Farsi, Azeri or English and a free consultation before we start any psychotherapy session with the client.


We aim to match you with the best psychologist and provide the right support.

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Çocuk Psikoloğu

Quality Specialists

Take support with specialists whose specialties are documented, whose experience has been established.

All our specialists have fulfilled the relevant conditions for providing psychological support in the UK, and these documents have been recorded.

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Safe, Quiet, 
Fully Equipped,
a therapy house!

Get support in therapy rooms where you can feel comfortable and safe.

In the center of the London, 5 minutes to public transport.

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Age-Appropriate ONLINE Therapies!

It is possible to get psychological support with a good internet connection without noticing your current location!

With Finsbury Quality

With the assurance of Finsbury

Audited specialists

Changing a Therapist at any time