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Meet The Team

Find out more about who we are and what we do


Dr Hava Drummond, Counselling Psychologist & Director 

Melike Baris, Psychologist & Site Manager

Mental Health Services

  • Gokce Unal Demirci, Psychologist

  • Asiye Bozdemir, Psychologist

  • Baran Karabulut,  Psychologist

  • Sevinc Karabulut, Special Education & Child Development

  • Bahar Oran, Psychologist

  • Ecem Oztuna Sarı, Developmental Psychologist

  • Dr Aslıhan Apat, Counselling Psychologist

  • Deniz Bastak, Psychologist, Volunteer, LGBTQIA+ Therapist, Group Therapist

  • Ela Esmer, Psychotherapist, Volunteer, LGBTQIA+ Therapist, Marriage, Couple and Family Counsellor, Group Therapist

  • Nermin Guliyeva, Psychologist, Volunteer, Group Therapist

  • Devrim Hazar Erdil, Psychologist, Volunteer, LGBTQIA+ Therapist, Marriage, Couple and Family Counsellor, Student Represantative Coordinator

  • Melis Yigit, Psychologist & Internship Coordinator

  • Merve Nur Tetik, Psychologist & Volunteer

  • Arda Diken, Psychologist, Volunteer

  • Bengi Efe, Trainee Psychologist

  • Nuray Kus, Trainee Psychologist

  • Dilara Sayer, Psychologist & Volunteer

  • Ayca Cimen, Psychologist & Social Media Designer


Under Finsbury Therapy Hub's  confidentiality policy, the client’s information will be kept strictly confidential, unless there are safeguarding issues, which must be reported to the authorities.

Counselling is a safe and non-judgemental space for you to talk openly about what's going on in your life. 

Our counsellors are specialised in a variety of approaches and are able to offer very effective tailored therapies, which are responsive to the specific needs of the users. Our team can offer a variety of therapeutic techniques such as EMDR, Humanistic, CBT, Psychodynamic and Existential modalities.

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