''We aim to get the right psychologist for you at
Finsbury Therapy Hub.''

Our Mission

Our main goal is to ensure that people who need help with Psychological Support, Psychological Counseling and Mental problems receive services equally, and to make psychological support available to consultants who are in short supply due to financial insufficiency.


In this sense, it is to bring together successful, information-equipped, decently-minded consultants and consultants who are experienced, reliable, and who can establish good relations with their consultants.

Our Purpose

To be known as an organization involved in activations related to family counseling, sexual counseling, child and adolescent psychology counseling, psychological support, life coaching,educational coaching,student coaching, individual, group, institution and media counseling.  To establish the development of easy accessibility and a quality-oriented approach in all consulting services related to individuals on the basis of an element of trust; to be the most preferred consulting center near the consultant and consultant.​

Our Story

Finsbury Therapy Hub was founded by Dr Hava Drummond as a social enterprise in 2015 to provide safe and accessible mental health support for all living in the UK.

Finsbury Therapy Hub has established a digital platform (www.psikologlondra.com) to provide accessible and uninterrupted therapy support to everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic that affected the world.

When the pandemic conditions eased slightly, it set up Finsbury Therapy House in Hackney to provide both the public and professionals with a safe and quiet room experience.

Finsbury Therapy Hub continues its new projects to provide accessible mental health support for all.


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